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Record Visited Websites

SurveilStar Activity Monitor is a free brower history recorder which allows you to track visited web sites, capture of URL addresses, page titles, and time of access. Advanced logging mechanisms detect Web pages visited with any Web browser of any version including commonly used such as Internet Explorer, Mozilla, Opera. SurveilStar effectively records URL addresses and page titles of every visited resource.
With free SurveilStar Activity Monitor, you can assign which particular computers and employees can access to Internet, when the Download SurveilStart Activity Monitor Freewareemployees can access to Internet, and which particular websites cannot be accessed, such as social websites, sex sites, stock sites and more. It also can grant access to or block some particular websites as well. Besides, SurveilStar provides you with the ability to view the list of open Web resources and generate comprehensive statistics about all sites and pages visited by the users within a specified period of time

SurveilStar Free Browser History Recorder features include:

• Capture of URL addresses, page titles, time of access.
• Monitor sites visited using Internet Explorer, FireFox, Opera and other types of browsers.
• Filter webpages, block internet connnection, and set idle browsing time.
• Generate detailed reports about visited web sites.

Who Needs Free Browser History Recorder?

The internet is among the most pervasive inventions of all time. As our businesses, families and particularly children and teens become increasingly intertwined with it, the more essential it becomes for us to take a proactive role to improve employees' productivity and protect our loved ones from internet pornography and other dangers. It has always been possible, of course, for employers or parents to look at what their workers or kids are doning on the internet. Installing a free browser history recorder, your controls over your employees and children online activity will become much more easier.
With the help of our SurveilStar Activity Monitor, the best free browse history recorder, employers can generate reports and use them to help employees realize how much time they may be spending online that could be put to better use; parents can keep their families safe from ever more resourceful and persistent pornography vendors and other online predators.

For Employers:

Why you need to monitor your employees browsing history? Firstly, you don't want them looking at any inappropriate pictures while at work. You don't want your company to get into trouble for employee's sneaking around to look at pornographic images or anything else sexual. Secondly, you don't want them to cheat the time clock. You don't want them to waste your companies money by paying the employee if she or he is just surfing around on the Internet that isn't work related. Thirdly, make sure that your employees aren't stalking anyone on the Internet. You don't want to get in trouble with the legal system by allowing an employee to stalk a person on the Internet.
Monitoring the web browsing habits of employees is a necessary part of operating a business for some managers. Checking the computer usage of your employees can help you make important decisions on improving business productivity, establishing policies on business computer usage and determining which employees are violating company web browsing policies. You can monitor your employee web browsing by making an investment in our SurveilStar Activity Monitor software.
Installing Free Browser History Recorder can bring lots of benefits. For exmple, eliminate personal use of Internet, Email, IM and social networks at work; prevent viewing of inappropriate content by employees at work; stop employees wasting work time on computer games; protect company from legal lawsuits & reduce liability risk; protect company from fraudulent activity; and keep records of your company’s electronic communications.
Tracking employees’ online activities is necessary if Internet access priviliges is a part of their workflow. Web site tracking allows you to effectively analyze how much time your employees spend performing business tasks, and how much time is used on reading news and browsing entertainment Web sites. Trust our SurveilStar Activity Monitor to provide you with a safe working environment for your business.

For Parents:

What websites are your kids viewing online? Sexual predators are very rampant in several online social networking sites - even sites you may not be aware of. This is especially tricky to determine with so many sites kids are surfing nowadays. So, how do you monitor kids online activities? What are effective methods you can do to maintain the privacy and safety of your child online?
Monitoring your children’s Web browsing is important. You may not be able to monitor their surfing in real time. But it’s good to know exactly where they’ve been. SurveilStar Activity Monitor is an easy to use free browser history recorder to help parents discreetly monitor websites activities. SurveilStar Activity Monitor can track each site you visit regardless of whether the user has tried to delete the images or history from the computer. SurveilStar Activity Monitor records every website visited and can show you the actual images viewed. With a powerful search engine and an easy to use calendar, SurveilStar Activity Monitor can provide you with a full range of web activities. Information is the most powerful tool one can have when monitoring web activities.
To decrease your child's vulnerability against child offenders, it's best to educate them on the characteristics of a child predator. This way, your child can steer away from danger and minimize the risk of being 'tricked' by them. A local neighborhood watch group or social group should help improve your watch against child predators from communicating with your child.
You think you know everything about your child's activities, but you couldn't be more wrong. The Web offers a variety of medium for these predators to gain easy access to your child. It's vital that you teach children how to avoid these offenders and monitor kids online. As a parent, guidance is crucial to help children understand how these child predators works. You can also join social groups against child predators and learn techniques to prevent child predator contact online. Why not download and install Free Browser History Recorder for the best security software around to monitor your kids online.free download any parental control

What Can You Do with SurveilStar Free Browser History Recorder?

1. Track Browsing History
SurveilStar Free Browser History Recorder captures the link of every visited web site. It allows companies and individuals to track the surfing habits of all PCs and users easily and invisibly. It logs the visited web site, user name, IP addresses, computer name and access times, into a password-protected encrypted file. This is very useful for employers or parents wanting to monitor any number of computers, employees or children.
With SurveilStar Free Browser History Recorder, employers can constantly tracking their employees browsing history constantly, and know whether their employees are doing the job they hire them for to are doing something else like playing online games, watching videos or just chatting. Parents can review their kids' web surfing history and take control over what sites, social networks and other Internet activities your child can access.
2. Filter Unwanted Webpages
SurveilStar Free Browser History Recorder lets employers and parents filter webpages and stop recording specified homepage files and websites. Ways to filter web pages include: setting the minimum and maximum file sizes of web pages, ignoring html pages with no text or no html tab and ignoring files of specified extemsion(s); ways to filter web sites include: specifying the host name or IP address of a specified web site or entering the main domain of URL in order to filter web sites under the sub domain of the specified domain. For example, you can enter “yahoo.com” and “hk.yahoo.com”, “ca.yahoo.com” etc will be filtered.
3. Block Internet Connection
With SurveilStar Activity Monitor, you can go a step further. Rather than just monitoring which Web sites employees visit, actually block undesirable sites. This is an especially good tactic in the case of pornographic sites that could subject your company to sexual harassment lawsuits or sites that are known to contain malicious software downloads, such as some hacker sites. You might also want to block certain “recreational” sites (entertainment topics, chat sites, etc.) to prevent employees from wasting time when they should be working.
Parent can block certain websites from children at home with this free Browser History Recorder. Parents can block websites like Orkut, MySpace and Facebook in order to stop childre from spending too much time on websites, and prevent kids from being interacting with complete strangers (or online predators) and even sharing personal information.
In addition to restricting internet activity SurveilStar Activity Monitor includes Advanced Blocking Rules, which allows you to specify the time ranges when the Internet activity should be collected, ensuring that you view only relevant information.

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