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MAGIX Audio Cleaning Lab MX is a software that allows you to edit any audio file, so be as you wish. I now present another software made by MAGIX, where some time ago I've shared with you the Xara Photo Graphic Designer. But this was different utility software, MAGIX Audio Cleaning Lab MX is specifically for work especial audio file. Ranging from clear sound, eliminating the annoying noise. The program also has a complete set of tools, which is like a compressor, equalizer, stereo expander, and more. To use this software is in demand to have skills in audio editing, because this software has a simple and easy to understand. So wait no more, please download!
With MAGIX Audio Cleaning Lab 18 deluxe you can easily digitize and restore old music from tapes or LPS and enhance the sound quality of any MP3 file. It's easy to record web radio speech or audio and remove unwanted distortions. Perfect sound quality in one easy step! Easy to use and perfect results: Achieve flawless sound reproduction! The improved program interface helps users Achieve results even faster and supports them in all steps of the audio editing process.

MAGIX Audio Cleaning Lab is the gentle but powerful cleaner for all Kinds of acoustic material Including records, tapes, CD tracks and MP3s.

Digital cleaning features remove everything from light cloudiness to the worst sound abominations on noise-filled tapes, Scratched records, and on MP3s That have been compressed to death.

A fine polish of the sound brings new life to every song and the burning function encapsulates your sensitive sound material on audio or data CD, protecting it from any further damage.

MAGIX Audio Cleaning Lab MX 18 Audio Editor

audio editor MAGIX Audio Cleaning Lab MX 18
Individual tracks, even individual passages within a track can be given effect settings Their Own. Additionally, the entire sound can be cleaned up, refreshed, and ESPECIALLY Important for compilations, the volume can be balanced.

MAGIX Audio Cleaning Lab is fast, easy-to-use and very gentle: All effects are calculated in realtime on playback without damaging the recorded material in the least.

The original recordings and songs REMAIN Untouched on the hard disk. You can therefore experiment around to your heart's content without having to worry about any lasting Causing damage to your audio material.

With MAGIX Audio Cleaning Lab you'll be Able to easily turn your old cassettes and LPS into high quality digital tracks!

Key Feature:

Cleaning functions:
· DeClicker: Removes crackling and clicking noises. For particularly difficult, it is recommended That clicking you use the manual DeClicker. Simply select the click and get rid of it!

· DeCrackler: Removes constant crackling record.

· DeClipper: Removes overmodulation (clipping).

· DeNoiser: Removes distortion constant noises like Rumbling or wire droning.

· DeHisser: Removes analog tape hissing.

· Spectral Cleaning: Removes distortions (like coughing, Whistling, or individual clapping) from a recording without Influencing the wanted signal. Lost original components of the frequency spectrum from the wanted signal surrounding the distortion are recalculated into the recording. Spectral Cleaning can be activated by clicking on the corresponding button, or via the menu option.

Remove Noise MAGIX Audio Cleaning Lab MX 18
remove noise MAGIX Audio Cleaning Lab MX 18
· Deesser: Mainly serves to softly remove overemphasized sibilant sounds from song recordings, but can also be used to enhance distorted vinyl recordings. The deesser can be activated as a preset in MultiMax.

· Impact noise filter: Takes care of low-frequency droning (for example, Footsteps or the noise of record players in operation). The impact noise filter can be opened as a preset in the Sound Cloner.

· Remove DC offset: This menu option That Removes any DC offset may be present in the signal.

Mastering functions:
· Stereo FX: Edits the stereo panorama of the audio material. The new Multiband Stereo Enhancer adds more width and depth to your music, making it a totally new stereo experience. Basses and highs can be edited independently of one another, but most importantly, the bass area Remains highly transparent. A Stereo Maximizer compresses the newly created stereo signal and adds a more pleasant and more compact-sounding audio picture to the stereo balance.

· Equalizer: Acts directly on the sound spectrum and allows differentiated increases or decreases of Various frequency bands. The Equalizer can be used as a graphical equalizer with well-defined frequency bands and as a parametric equalizer with variable bands.

· Brilliance: The Brilliance Enhancer is a high-end audio tools with which, for example, losses in high frequencies, the which occur with MP3 compression while recording or older records, can be regained. As opposed to the Equalizer, the which only raises the available frequencies, the new Brilliance Enhancer generates overtones from the material available and really refreshes the sound.

· Energizer: The newly developed psycho-acoustic processor "MAGIX Energizer" breathes new life into your music and creates audibly Fresher and more energetic sound: lively highs, a well-defined bass and a more transparent stereo picture. Furthermore, this effect can also be used on typical, assertive radio voices.

· SoundCloner: With the SoundCloner sound characteristics can be transferred from one song to the other, meaning That when you like a particular sound, you can save the related characteristic sound and transfer it to other tracks.

· Dynamics: Edits the volume ratio using a compressor.

· Leveler: These presets of the dynamic modules set different types of audio material to a uniform volume, ideal for CD mixes.

MAGIX Audio Cleaning Lab MX 18 Full Version

MAGIX Audio Cleaning Lab MX 18 Full Version
· Limiter: This preset limits the maximum volume in the dynamics module so overmodulation That does not occur anywhere in the file.

· Dynamic Expander: This preset from the dynamics module has the opposite effect of sound compression: Become even loud parts louder; Become quiet sounds even quieter.

· Noise Gate: This preset from the dynamics module filters out all the data signal from the signal used That is below the threshold variable. This way, the complete silence can be Achieved, for example, when changing from one song to the next.

· MultiMax: Edits the volume ratio using a multi-band compressor. Here the frequency spectrum is separated, much like with professional studio devices, into three frequency bands and separately compressed. This way you can create, for example, equally powerful bass sounds for a song compilation from Various audio sources.

Additional sound effects:
· Acoustic Simulator: The spatial acoustic simulator is a powerful high-end effect the which you can use to, for example, add depth to spoken recordings. Here the sound properties of "real" rooms are transferred to the audio material. The quality of the reverb and room impression is much higher than synthetic reverb all standard methods. Some impulse responses are available in the surround format, that is, the reverb was recorded separately at the front and at the back of the original room. The acoustic simulator can be activated via the "Edit" menu.

· Resampling / Timestretching: With "Resampling" and "Timestretching" the speed and pitch of the audio material can be adapted. Use these effects to create, for example, CD compilations Whose tracks all have the same speed in BPM (beats per minute). A special mouse mode enables the balancing of the song speed directly at the object using the mouse Itself (resampling). Resampling / Timestretching can be activated via the "Edit" menu.

· Tempo / Resampling: A "quick" variation of the Resampling / Timestretching Editor can be used via the "Object FX Editor". Here, the playback speed and pitch can be set using the fader.

MAGIX Audio Cleaning Lab MX 18 Audio Editng

audio editing MAGIX Audio Cleaning Lab MX 18
· Reverb / Echo: This option provides a sound editor for professional reverb and echo effects. You can find it on the page below the Object FX MultiMax tool. The reverb effect offers very realistic reverb algorithms to add more depth to your recording room. Design your "favorite reverb" with 12 different reverb presets in Various rooms.

· Tape Simulation: For friends of good old analog sound, the tape simulation feature creates a fuller and more powerful sound. You can activate it via the "Plug-in" button.

· Chorus: This effect makes the sound fuller. Chorus can give the impression of a chorus from a solo singer or instrument. Chorus You can activate via the "Plug-in" button.

· Distortion: Use this effect when you want a dirty sound and unpleasant distortions at the touch of a button. You can activate Distortion via the "Plug-in" button.

Automatic Volume Adjustment:
· The problem with compilation CDs: The songs of different artists usually have different volume levels of Because They were produced differently. A balanced compilation CD volume adjustment therefore needs so That the volume does not need to be turned up or down for each song. Previously, each track had to be adjusted by hand, but now MAGIX Audio Cleaning Lab does it automatically.

· There are two functions: The Leveler in MultiMax compresses the entire volume of material into one uniform. The function "Loudness adjustment" analyzes the actual "loudness" of all songs perceived by the listener and adapts them to one another without changing the inner dynamics of the songs.

Video sound post-editing:
· MAGIX Audio Cleaning Lab can also edit video sounds as well as the music. Here, the audio track can be extracted and inserted automatically at a precise point in the video once the editing is finished.

MAGIX Audio Cleaning Lab MX 18 View

view MAGIX Audio Cleaning Lab MX 18
Surround Mode:
· MAGIX Audio Cleaning Lab provides an easy-to-use mode for creating surround sound. To play surround sound you require a HiFi with a Dolby Pro Logic compatible decoder and rear loudspeakers. You can even burn it onto CDs surround sound or export it as an MP3 file.

Audio import:
MAGIX Audio Cleaning Lab · Various offers options for importing audio material. Digitized material like Ogg Vorbis, MP3 or WAV files can be loaded and edited directly. Analog recordings from records or tapes have to be digitized prior to this. To do so, there is a recording function the which can be used to record Various sources in CD quality sound via the sound card. Audio CDs can be converted into editable audio files by using the "Rip CD" function. Here you can Decide whether or not while loading the files should be saved to the hard disk in high-resolution WAV format or in space-saving MP3 format.

Audio export:
· The edited material can be exported as an audio file in the formats OGG Vorbis, WAV, MPEG, MP3 and WMA or burned onto CD / DVD - without any restrictions.

Master track:
· Regardless whether it's an LP recording, audio track, MP3 or WAV file - all material is displayed on the master track in waveform display. Here it can be cut, edited with every effect function and arranged any way you like.

· A second track can be connected in order to park a song In Between when arranging, special access fades, or interlock songs. Stereos sounds can be displayed as the which two mono objects can be edited separately from one another.

Burn CD:
· An Audio CD can be burned from the most varying audio sources of the which can then be played on any audio CD player. For this to work, the audio material has to be loaded into MAGIX Audio Cleaning Lab, further intermediary steps are not required. In general, MP3 songs first have to be converted into WAV files in order to burn them onto an audio CD in a second step. MAGIX Audio Cleaning Lab does all this "on the fly".

· The CD will sound exactly the same as the audio material on playback in the master track.

Data CD / DVD backup module:
· In Addition to audio CD burner routines MAGIX Audio Cleaning Lab contains the CD burner program "goyaburnR". This can be used to burn Data CDs / DVDs as well.

"Burn Proof" support:
· The new CD burner routines in MAGIX Audio Cleaning Lab Support almost all CD burners found on the market. If your CD burner supports "Burn Proof", it means no more buffer underrun That will occur during the burning process, even if there is high CPU usage. You get more security and higher speeds when burning CDs.

24-bit audio support:
· Not only the audio data can be recorded in MAGIX Audio Cleaning Lab in 16-bit CD quality, but also in higher-quality 24-bit resolution - also with cards with SPDIF digital audio interfaces. Even if the audio material is to be burned to a 16-bit Audio CD, it's worth using 24-bit audio resolution when recording.

Direct MP3 recording:
· You can record directly into MP3 format, saving you space on your hard drive and is ideal for quick MP3 conversions.

Batch-processing with all formats and effects:
· The commands are compiled in a list and processed one after the other in MAGIX Audio Cleaning Lab. Time-consuming work, for example, multiple Ogg Vorbis conversions can be done in no time.

MAGIX Music Editor:
· MAGIX Music Editor is a full WAV editor with all Necessary cutting, editing & effect functions as well as Numerous import / export functions. You can open audio objects from MAGIX Audio Cleaning Lab with a mouse-click in the MAGIX Music Editor. There'll be Able to take advantage of lots of additional powerful tools, for example, a function for freehand drawing of waveforms. This can be used to fix even the most stubborn distortions the which can not be completely eliminated using the MAGIX Audio Cleaning Lab DeClicker.

Volume automation curves:
· Use the "Volume" button to activate a volume curve. You can use it to draw volume curves onto your audio material, for instance, for compensating fluctuations while recording or Increasing the volume of quiet passages.

DirectX / VST plug-in support:
· Plug-ins are independent program modules can be downloaded That from the Internet or purchased in shops. In MAGIX Audio Cleaning Lab you can use effect plug-ins in the VST or DirectX standards. MAGIX Audio Cleaning Lab provides two slots for plug-in DirectX or VST plug-ins so you can always use That two plug-ins at the same time.

MP3 Encoder MP3 Surround support with:
· The original Fraunhofer MP3 Encoder is now used for creating MP3 files. This encoder, from the inventors of the MP3 format, MP3 encoding in supplies Unsurpassed quality. Furthermore the surround projects can use the new MP3 Surround format.

Burn DVD Audio with 4-channel surround sound:
· Now burns DVDs in DVD Audio format and real 4-channel Surround Sound. Special DVD audio players are required for playing high-end sound. The sound quality in this special audio CD format ranges from quality to 24-bit and 48 kHz.

Burn music DVDs:
· Burn up to seven CDs worth of material in standard CD quality onto one conventional DVD video. The new function only writes the audio data onto the DVD video, thereby avoiding memory intensive video data. The advantage: Every standard DVD player can play these DVDs and play in 24-bit / 48 kHz quality.

Surround Transitions:
· Easily create spectacular sound Transitions Between two titles at the touch of a button. The surround Transitions fade atmospherically music tracks automatically at the track end and create a Previously unheard sound experience.

Tracklist online freedb query:
· You can use the CD tracklist online query function to automatically add the correct track order and names to vinyl and cassette recordings. The freedb website searches for the band's album and the search results are analyzed in MAGIX Audio Cleaning Lab.

· With this revolutionary new technology from the Fraunhofer Institute you can identify unknown music! Simply load your music into the project or record it. The AudioID function sends a search query to an Internet server, the which then analyzes the general characteristics of the acoustic song and identifies it.

Create and publish:
· With the new version you can turn MAGIX Audio Cleaning Lab into a radio station. You can record your own radio shows and publish them to the world as a podcast. Simply record, add the matching information like name or picture and then upload straight to the MAGIX Online Album for free. Broadcast your show as a podcast to lots of international podcast portals or send your friends the required RSS feed.

VoiceOver function:
· Music is good. Speech is great. But both together the make for difficult, comprehension. With the VoiceOver function, tedious volume adjustment is a thing of the past: the volume of the background music is automatically lowered during speech and made louder when there is no speech.

Video Cleaning:
· The video view and the specifically customized cleaning presets for video sound offer a better environment for efficient and clear video sound.

Applause recognition:
· The new applause recognition function uses typical frequency patterns to identify passages with applause. Once Identified, these passages can be shortened automatically.


· 1 GHz processor, or higher
· 512 MB RAM
· 500 MB free hard drive space
· Graphics card: Min. 1024 x 768 resolution with 16-bit high-color.
· 16-bit sound card
· CD-ROM drive
· Microsoft compatible mouse
· 16-bit sound card with 5.1 surround support
· Burn CDs with SCSI or IDE CD recorder
· Burn DVDs with DVD burner (DVD-R (W), DVD + R (W))

What's new in MAGIX Audio Cleaning Lab MX
May 18th, 2012

Over 60 new presets:
In the effect modules over 60 new presets are available for quick, effective sound optimization for:
· Background noise city
· Annoying PC fan noise
· Airplane, train and traffic noises
· Disturbing rain and wind noises
· The presets can be found in the effects' selection menu in the "Cleaning" section.

Master reverb & echo:
· The reverb or echo effect can be applied to the entire audio material. You can find it in the "Cleaning" section.

Turbo tape function:
· Cassette recordings in double speed (High Speed ​​Dubbing) can now be recorded at the normal speed. The accompanying function "Double Speed ​​Recording" can be found in the Recording dialog.

· The "MX" in the title refers to the new media exchange function ("Media-X-change). In the" Share "menu you will find different options the which the make the current project's audio files available for other applications. You can add them to the music collection, use them as a background for slideshows or videos or publish online. What's more They can be backed up on mobile devices like Smartphones, SD cards or external hard drives.

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